Be a Bespoke Daddy, not a Feckless Father | Fatherhood Matters

The current image of fathers that society proliferates is of well-meaning oafs - Feckless Fathers, who are more interested in their own work/hobbies than in their children. They shy away from hard or dirty jobs like discipline or changing nappies. Or worse, combat 'bad' behaviour with totalitarian dictatorship...


When Gentle Parenting feels impossible | 15 Day-to-Day Coping Strategies 

I love Gentle Parenting. I would consider myself a Gentle Parent. But man oh man is it tough sometimes. There are days when I literally feel like the worst parent in the world - that I am screwing up my kids and all of this effort is for nothing because, if I can't be gentle 24/7, then surely they're going to suffer the same detrimental effects as if I just subscribed to mainstream parenting...


Toy Rotation Sparks Elation! (9-12 Months: Week 3) | Simplify Your Home

Suddenly it's like they have all new toys to play with - despite the fact that none of these toys are new to us, and we only own a very limited selection. Their concentration is renewed and they delve into independent play (although, being best friends, they do often end up playing together too...


Feminist Parenting, and Why I’m not one… | Sexual Abuse Prevention

Why on earth wouldn't I want all of these things for my children? What kind of woman wouldn't want to protect feminist ideals? Here's the thing: I propose that these aren't feminist ideals. Before you bite my head off, let me explain... I really don't see why these things are a female issue. As far as I am concerned, this is about being a decent human being!


Capsule Wardrobes for Messy Mums part 1: Intervention! | Self-Care Series

A little while back I decided that it was time to get my Mojo back. I was sick and tired of being this beige, dishevelled, mumsy mum - I felt like a shadow of my former self, depleted, washed-out. At 10 months pp, it was high time to start looking after myself again...


I’ll raise them rude | Sexual Abuse Prevention

There's a huge emphasis on raising good kids. Polite kids. Respectful kids. We'd like our youngsters to be hyper-aware of social nuances and considerate not to hurt the feelings of others. I'd like this too. Up to a point... Here's where I often put noses out of joint: I will actively prevent other people from touching my babies. Well-meaning people, who just want to pinch their cheeks or squidge their little tummies, or stroke their hair, or scoop them up into a cuddle...


Toy Rotation Sparks Elation! (9-12 Months: Week 2) | Simplify Your Life

In my last post I mentioned the prohibitive cost of baskets & trays, and that I have been using cardboard boxes as a thrift substitute. Well last week I came upon these lovely basket/trays in Home Bargains for £2.50! We'll be road-testing them this week and I will let you know how they work out...

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The Perfection Deception: The Importance of ‘Bucket’ Days | Self-Care Series

Now, when I am ill or tired or overwhelmed, or it’s star week, instead of fighting to be the perfect mum/wife/person, I say F*ck it. Chuck it. I declare it a Bucket Day...


5 Easter Gifts for Kids (That AREN’T chocolate!)

I'm not saying it's wrong to give chocolate eggs, but there is so much choice that you hardly need a blog post to work out what would be suitable! But what if you would rather not give chocolate or sweets? Either you are wanting to limit unhealthy foods, or spend money on something that will endure a little longer than Easter Weekend...