Parenting Heroes


Gentle Parenting UK – and by extension, the wonderful Sarah Ockwell-Smith. I recommend everything she writes; she is THE authority on GP, and also runs two super-supportive Facebook groups which are invaluable: Gentle Parenting UK and Gentle Parenting Multiples UK & Ireland (my happy place).

Carine Robin at Montessori Family is a real inspiration when it comes to actually implementing Maria Montessori’s principles in your home and with young kids. She offers a refreshingly flexible attitude – not like some hardcore purists you might come across…

Oh I love this blog. Sara, who writes it, has lovingly crafted a blissful life for her family, through respectful parenting, unschooling and quality time. It’s a rare day indeed that she writes a parenting article I don’t immediately share!

This wonderful breastfeeding consultant is a lifesaver to follow in the dark days of newborn feeding frenzies, and also later on, once the judgey comments of ‘Oh but surely you should have weaned them by now’ start!


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