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Bespoke Mama
img_4231I’m Caroline, proud Bespoke Mama to my two beautiful twin boys, Sausage & Bean. I don’t set myself up as a parenting expert – rather I aim to share how we have incorporated what we have learned elsewhere into our day-to-day lives, and how we have tailored the sometimes varied advice to fit. My background is twofold: Child Development for the 0-5yrs and Performing Arts. These might seem like polar opposites, but trust me – those theatre skills have certainly played a huge part in working with young kids, both in childcare and teaching settings! I’ve always had a strong interest in child psychology and attachment theory, am a Christian, a full-time mama who intends to unschool, and am developing increasingly crunchy leanings in my old age…

Coming soon: Bespoke Daddy

Bespoke Family

Our parenting/lifestyle influences include, but are not or limited to: Positive Parenting, Simple Living, Breastfeeding (tandem), Babywearing, Baby-Led Weaning, Montessori, Home Education, Unschooling, Childism Activism, Body Positivity, Feminism, Decluttering/Minimalist-tendencies.

However, we at Bespoke Parents, Unique Kids are big fans of the 70:30 ‘Good Enough’ parenting model, choosing the path of least harm over perfectionism.

And if that includes dummies for our twins, and the odd fruit pouch in front of the TV when they are sick, so be it!

We want to emulate our Creator, the ultimate Gentle Parent – so naturally we want our parenting to be grace-filled and flexible, not legalistic. No two families, or kids, are alike, and so no one parenting ideal will fit all!