About the blog

It doesn’t take long for the inspired parent-to-be to discover that there’s a dizzying array of parenting advice, products, ideals and methodologies. Pre-kids, I was a perfectionist, with a background in teaching child development classes for 0-5s and a keen interest in the psychology of attachment. I thought it was a simple as doing your research, choosing the ‘best’ method (scientifically- and morally-speaking), and sticking to it… Cue reality!

In August 2015 our world was turned upside down when we discovered we were going to be parents, and that 1 + 1 = 4. Talk about going from nought to sixty! Since the twins arrived, we have been plunged into parenting without a map, and are navigating the influences of different parenting styles – tailoring each to work with our unique kids, and finding that bespoke parenting fit.

Purists will hate this blog. But if you are a less-than-perfect parent, looking for a way to shoehorn some of the perfect-in-theory parenting styles into your messy reality, you might find some ideas along the way. You’ll find a whole host of parenting influences here, although we tend towards the chewy (like crunchy, only less committed). As well as sharing our journey, we’ll be reviewing different books, blog posts and products that we have found useful (and not-so-useful).

Bespoke Parents, Unique Kids is 100% NOT about telling other families how to run their lives: it’s more about providing some camaraderie for those of us who are winging-it!