Letting Kids Be Kids vs. Fear of Others.

I one hundred percent want to fight for my kids’ rights to be kids, and not worry what other people think. Unfortunately, I am human, and get all too self-conscious about the dirty looks from people when my babies are being noisy or messy in restaurants, for example… Continue reading Letting Kids Be Kids vs. Fear of Others.


Bespoke Parents; Unique Kids

It doesn’t take long for the inspired parent-to-be to discover that there’s a dizzying array of parenting advice, products, ideals and methodologies. Pre-kids, I was a perfectionist, with a background in teaching child development classes for 0-5s and a keen interest in the psychology of attachment. I thought it was a simple as doing your research, choosing the ‘best’ method (scientifically- and morally-speaking), and sticking … Continue reading Bespoke Parents; Unique Kids