Amazon Affiliates

Bespoke Parents; Unique Kids uses Amazon Affiliate links. What are these?

More importantly, why?

This blog is not designed with revenue in mind. The motivation behind starting the blogs was that we wanted to share our experiences, and the resources that have saved our sanity too.

We always envisaged doing some reviews of books/blogs/products that we love, with a view to helping others in our situation. I also find personally that if a blog mentions a product, it’s helpful to have a link right there. I don’t have the time or energy to run a full WAHM business, and we have budgeted for me to be SAHM – so I’m not going to be pushing to make lots of revenue.

So why bother monetising at all?

We intend to unschool Sausage & Bean. It would be handy to have some extra pennies to do this! Any proceeds from affiliate links will be spent on our twins’ education.

That’s it. The entire motive!

You will NEVER find a link to an item we haven’t used or wouldn’t recommend, unless it is clearly stated otherwise (e.g. A wish list or book that we are planning to buy). And if you click on a link and make a purchase, it won’t actually cost you anything more than if you had visited the site yourself. So we thought:

‘Hey, we would have been be linking the product anyway… might as well make it an affiliate link.’

We will never mention products simply for an excuse to include a link, but wherever a post naturally leads to a mention of something we use, then the link will be monetised. So links are only included where it makes sense and adds value to a post.


This site does incorporate paid advertising and affiliate links.
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