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New toy day is always an exciting time in our household; I aim to prepare the environment whilst the twins are out of the room, and I love to see their excitement when they realise that they have a whole new selection to play with!

Suddenly it’s like they have all new toys to play with – despite the fact that none of these toys are new to us, and we only own a very limited selection. Their concentration is renewed and they delve into independent play (although, being best friends, they do often end up playing together too!

Sausage & Bean, thick as thieves

And that grey thing you can see at the bottom of the photos? That’s Bespoke Mama’s reclining chair. Toy Rotation allows me to sit back and chill (or blog) whilst my babies entertain themselves – win-win!

So: we start with the stacking cups. It should be noted that I quickly reduced the available selection down from one set of 10, to two sets of 3 stacking cups (smallest and largest). This is because I felt the quantity was a little overwhelming. Overwhelming for them? Maybe. Overwhelming for me to tidy? Deffo! 

I am definitely learning that if I find elements of child care stressful, it’s up to me to change things – which usually means finding ways to simplify. With fewer cups to choose from, the boys spent more time exploring how they fit together, instead of just tipping them out all over the floor.

Bean making a bee-line for the stacking cups

Next is a current favourite – our sensory oil timer. Right now they love to see how the water and oil interacts, and also see how the two colours overlap to make a third colour. This is a toy with longevity, as later on it will be used as a calm-down tool to help them self-regulate their emotions.


I have included a small selection of balls: different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Our ball collection is actually much bigger, since balls have tonnes of developmental benefits, but I felt it would be more beneficial to the twins to avoid having too many loose parts in one rotation.

A firm favourite is our orange Oball, which we’ve been making use of since the boys were a couple of months old. The size of the honeycomb and its light weight means it’s easy to grip and lift for even very young babies. Plus, there are some beads which rattle – so it covers that sensory angle too.


Finally we have our book nook and drinks station. Mouse is Small has been a big hit, since the pages are graduated in size, which makes them easier for the babies to turn. And you can see just how well-loved our That’s Not My Robot book is! Something about the thickness of the pages, exciting textures and bold images make this book series so popular that I make sure to include one in literally every book rotation!


We use these fabulous Munchkin 360 cups, which are a total lifesaver. You can tip them up or leave them on their sides and they won’t leak – we even take them to bed with us and always have dry sheets. This means my babies can be totally autonomous in helping themselves to water – I just have a couple of these cups in each of their rooms. It also makes my life as a mum easier, since I don’t have to remember to keep offering them.

And any time-savers are a total God-send for twin mamas!

What’s on your shelves this week? Or are you new to the concept of toy rotation? Comment below to let us know!

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