Capsule Wardrobes for Messy Mums part 1: Intervention! | Self-Care Series

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A little while back I decided that it was time to get my Mojo back. I was sick and tired of being this beige, dishevelled, mumsy mum – I felt like a shadow of my former self, depleted, washed-out. At 10 months pp, it was high time to start looking after myself again.

This decision had nothing to do with performing for other people, and everything to do with sparking joy, doing something for myself and feeling confident again. Oh, and the fact that the twins are considerably easier to care for helped too! Those first eight months were a total blur…

Step 1 was to dye & cut my hair. I suddenly realised: “Hang on a minute… I’m a SAHM. That means I no longer need to worry about looking sensible, or professional!” Cue purple hair dye! I used Schwarzkopf Live in Mystic Violet.

It’s even better in full sunlight:

It should be noted that this colour does take a bit of upkeep to preserve the purple. I am lazy, so it fades to dark red (as in the picture below!). But I also like that shade too, so I get away with it…

Step 2 was to KonMari my makeup, since I still had stuff from my Musical Theatre days, and we are talking years back! Actually, I found that my new hair colour was begging for a lip colour to balance it,  and the change in tone also affected my colouring, which meant I got to treat myself to new makeup shades. (I chose this Bourjois in Plum Russian). Even when I wasn’t leaving the house, my purple locks inspired me to don some slap. It’s amazing how much more energised I was just for having my face done – even when all I was doing was baby care and housework.

Step 3 was not originally part of the plan, but I had a blood test that showed my sugar was a little too high for comfort. My twin pregnancy gave me Gestational Diabetes, and although I tested all clear post-partum, it has left me with a 60% chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes in the 5 years following my pregnancy! So, I went back onto the GD Dietand have lost 22lb in 10 weeks.

I do not advocate losing weight to feel beautiful if someone is healthy. But I had gained five stone since falling pregnant with Sausage and Bean, so had (still have) plenty to lose…

Step 4 was investing in some baby-proof jewellery. I used to love accessorising, but found it totally unfeasible with the babies. Since bagging a couple of statement pieces, I have felt much more put-together, more like my old self. I’ll review these in a later post, but I grabbed a lovely wooden number from Fiddle Beads, and a satisfyingly chewy one from Fox & Finn.

The final step was to get some flattering clothes. No mean feat when you are considerably overweight, with Diastasis Recti, and an umbilical hernia. Not to mention being a single-income family.

Especially since fat ladies pay a premium for specialist sizes!

Enter: The Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes fit in beautifully with our life journey:

But, as always, this Bespoke Mama is going to be making some tweaks! For example, I am never going to do midweek laundry. I’m just not! I do a big ole’ washing day on the weekend – currently 5-6 loads, and get it all done & put away in one go. So that I don’t have to feel like I am constantly doing laundry!

This means I need enough clothes to last the week.

Also, whereas I agree you only need, say, 4 ‘bottoms’, I currently have snotty, baby-led weaned, muddy, playful twin babies. This means I am covered in some kind of muck/food/stain every day! So no repeating garments for me, at least before wash day…

I am getting around this by buying duplicates – multiple pairs of leggings, for example. It’s not a disaster though, since my lovely KM folding means they take up very little space!

I’ll be posting more on Capsule Wardrobes for Messy Mums in subsequent posts – stay tuned…

Capsule Wardrobes for Messy Mums Part 2: Summer at Primark (Plus Size)

Part 3

When did you start to rediscover your mojo? What steps were the real game-changers for you? Comment below to let us know!

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