H2O Cleaning vs. Baby Led Weaning | E-Cloths Review

I am at a bit of a crossroads in my lifestyle. Emerging from a messy, lazy, clutterbug hoarder and on the path to Minimalism, and hopefully better housekeeping too.

My twin boys, Sausage & Bean, are also suddenly starting to clamber and climb and reach places I swore they couldn’t! I am baby-proofing as fast as I can, but sometimes it feels like they circumvent the safety measures faster than I can think them up! Particularly working as a team…

Then, there’s the need to save the pennies – I am a full-time Mama now, and whilst we are currently living with my parents, we still need to save where possible – we are hoping to secure a mortgage and buy our first home.

Aaanyway, after being so positively influenced by a number of Facebook groups (Decluttering, Gentle Parenting, Montessori etc) I decided to use the power of FB brainwashing to transform myself into a domestic goddess, by finding a group full of people who love cleaning and share before & after pics etc., in the hopes that I will metamorphose into a cleaning machine…

I have yet to find a group to inspire me, but I DID stumble across someone waxing lyrical about e-cloths, which claim to be able to do any all-purpose cleaning job using just water; degreasing and killing bacteria too.

I am not an e-cloth merchant – I am an Amazon affiliate. This means that whilst I would get a small commission if you decided to purchase through my link to Amazon (at no extra cost to yourself), I have no bias towards this particular product, since I could choose ANY item from the Amazon catalogue! Thus, my opinion is still my unbiased opinion!)

At first glance, these seemed like they could be the magic bullet to solve a whole bunch of problems at once:

  • Fewer toxic chemicals on surfaces in the house – even with highchair-safe anti-bac, I still worry about the babies ingesting it. But simultaneously, I’m far too lazy to want to have to rinse everything I clean!
  • No cleaning products for the twins to potentially find and drink.
  • Less junk cluttering up my house, as two or three shelves can be emptied of products – helps our path towards minimalism.
  • Eco-friendly – helps our path towards reducing waste. Also reduces chores if I am producing less waste?
  • Potentially quicker and easier to clean things? If I only have to grab a cloth and wet it?
  • Time-saver in that I don’t have to go buy more cleaning products, and the cloths are available with prime delivery.
  • Montessori-friendly in that my twins can safely engage in cleaning big messes from a young age – learning Practical Life skills.

Or it’s just possible this is another gimmick for me to waste my money on.

I procrastinated about this for ages. Then payday came and I figured it’s one of those things where you never know till you try, and essentially decided to risk it for a biscuit.

A quick mid-feed trip to Amazon later, and I found myself richer to the tune of 4 general cleaning cloths and one polishing cloth.


Early experiments left my shamefully grotty microwave sparkling with reasonably little fuss, and (to my surprise) actually grease-free. I kind of understand that it can kill bacteria, but I really don’t understand how it degreases – especially since you can have a hard time finding washing up liquids that do that properly!

Then I decided to test it with the most annoying, most frequent cleaning job in my life – tackling the carnage left over after twin BLW meals!

I chose the messiest meal I could think of! A saucy, tomatoey pasta.

And this was the bomb-site afterwards!


Step 1: I soaked up any excess sauce using the cloth, before adding any water into the equation.

Step 2:
I rinsed the cloth and folded it into a pad. Took a medium amount of pressure to vastly reduce the grease and grime:


Step 3
: Rinsed the cloth and wrung it out so it was only lightly damp, then used it to mop up any remaining water.

Here is the final result of the high chairs:


(Clearly in this photo I still have the tidying and the floor to do…)

I am pretty happy with this, particularly the knowledge that the surface hasn’t had any chemicals on it. And I could have stuck at it a little longer, but Sausage and Bean had lost patience (they’re going through a Wonder Weeks Leap right now).

Is the cleaning as good as usual? I’d say so.

Was it easier than usual? I think it’s simpler in that I wasn’t switching products and could just make a beeline for that one cloth. It probably takes a bit more elbow grease, but not enough to complain about. Would probably be easier if I got a spray bottle for water.

Will we be making the switch? It’s early days, but I think if it persists in working this well I will be investing in some of their other cloths (there’s something for bathrooms, dishes, hobs and a floor mop, I believe). I’m not sure whether they have anything for toilet bowls, but I am a bit reticent to scrub that anyway! Much prefer a product that cleans the bowl without me having to put my hands in there, and just keep a baby gate on the bathroom door!

I am pretty chuffed to have found a way of cleaning without chemicals, because it really fits in with my decluttering journey, and also means I can get the boys involved in cleaning safely from a very early age – which will be suited to Montessori practical life learning and to home ed too 🙂

**Updated to add: after further successful testing, my household chemicals are gone, and we are now exclusively using e-cloths (apart from the aforementioned toilet bowl…)

Also, if the meal does not include sauce, this becomes a one-step process!**

What is your go-to cleaning method for those disaster-zone high chairs? Comment below to let us know!

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8 thoughts on “H2O Cleaning vs. Baby Led Weaning | E-Cloths Review

    1. I just love that I don’t need to worry about the chemicals, and also don’t need to buy/store them. I was half-expecting them to be a bit rubbish but it actually makes the cleanup easy (and I HATE cleaning up after BLW meals…)


  1. These sound great, I may actually give these a go. I have many of the same cleaning challenges and anything that can clean up kids mess without chemicals has to be a winner! Thanks for sharing this with us on #MarvMondays too. Emily

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely worth it! I actually don’t dread the clean-up now. But I am also sold on the fact I don’t have to pay for and store more products – since we are working on moving towards minimalism x


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