5 Easter Gifts for Kids (That AREN’T chocolate!)

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I’m not saying it’s wrong to give chocolate eggs, but there is so much choice that you hardly need a blog post to work out what would be suitable! But what if you would rather not give chocolate or sweets? Either you are wanting to limit unhealthy foods, or spend money on something that will endure a little longer than Easter Weekend…

(I’m also not saying that gifts are necessarily required at Easter, but for us it’s an important festival that we want the children to look forward to and enjoy celebrating – just not necessarily with chocolate.)

This will be Sausage & Bean’s first Easter at 11 months, and so we are starting a post that will grow with them – we’ll add to it each year.


Books are always a winner with our boys! Firm favourites with our twins are the ‘That’s Not My’ touchy feely books. This is because tactile exploration is bang on where they are developmentally, the pages are super-thick which makes them easy to turn independently, and the pictures are bold, bright and high contrast.

We recommend ‘That’s Not My Lamb‘ and ‘That’s Not My Bunny‘ as good choices for Easter, since they have a distinctly spring-y theme. They are also similar in price to many Easter eggs on the market.

*We actually already owned these, as Granny Lallie bought them for the twins the Easter before they were born!*


If you’d like to stick with an eggy theme, you can’t go far wrong with these shape & colour matching egg halves. They have many educational applications, and are good for exploring colours, shapes, fine motor skills and imaginary play, whilst still remaining simple and open-ended – a winner in our book.

Likewise, you can use these hollow eggs to play a sensory sound matching game with your little ones. Just fill pairs of eggs with different materials such as pasta or rice etc, tape them shut and watch as your little one learns to spot the sounds that are alike. This is a foundational language-learning activity, as being able to hear the similarities and differences in sounds is the first step to being able to mimic them.

*We haven’t bought either of these ourselves yet because they are on our wishlist and we didn’t want to risk duplicating a gift in case a relative chose them! We will have to see what Easter Weekend brings…*


The gift we chose this year is a Nut Shell Shaker. We know the boys will enjoy the distinctive, loud clacking noise and the feel of the natural materials.

*We did get a second, different instrument so they’d have one each, but when it arrived it wasn’t suitable – so we will be waiting to see what else arrives on Easter Sunday, before making up the shortfall!*

What about the faith aspect?

Whilst these toys aren’t specifically Christian, if you want gifts with significance to your faith, they are all still appropriate – and here’s why:

The books give opportunities to talk about new life, creation, as well as Biblical themes such as The Good Shepherd, Lamb of God etc. Eggs are traditional due to the new life/open tomb symbolism – there’s not reason they need to be made of chocolate to achieve this. And the instruments can be enjoyed during worship at church!

What are your Easter traditions? Do you have any suggestions that we missed? Comment below to let us know!

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