Toy Rotation Sparks Elation! (9-12 Months: Week 1) | Simplify Your Life

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Toy Rotation has literally saved our sanity, what with lodging at my parents whilst we save for a deposit, and having two firecracker twin boys, who are into everything! We’ve been on a journey towards simplicity, tailoring elements of KonMari, Montessori, & Minimalism to fit our reality, as well as drawing on my career in child development – and clearing the kiddie clutter is a huge part of that!

Here’s what’s on our shelves this week:

Sausage & Bean LOVE our homemade ring stacker. I bought the kitchen roll holder on Amazon, and the rings are a combination of charity shop bangles in various materials, the rings from a discontinued Ikea plush stacker, and one of the toys from this gorgeous Ikea baby Gym.

Obviously, the ultimate aim is for them to stack the rings. But right now, according to the Wonder Weeks people, my boys are still enjoying deconstruction (I can definitely vouch for that!). They get real pleasure from pulling things apart, knocking things down, and tipping things out of containers. It might seem destructive, or chaotic, but they are learning important lessons about gravity, volume, speed & trajectory.

They enjoy exploring the different colours, textures, weights and thicknesses of the different rings. And chewing on them too!


Next we have our Dino tray. These soft, squidgy animals are very satisfying on swollen, teething gums and a lovely size for little hands. A reassuring feature is that they don’t have a hole in the bottom, which means they can be drooled on and used in the bath without getting mouldy inside. There have been too many horror stories of blackened Sophie the Giraffes lately, and I am FAR too lazy to fanny about with vinegar soaks…


Across the room is our music tray. I usually put out 4 instruments, so they each have one for each hand if they both make a beeline for it! These are mostly Halilit instruments, which my Gymboree days gave me an enduring love for. Again, Montessori purists would prefer realistic instruments, but I know these can take a hammering as the ones we used for our music classes had been enjoyed by up to 100 kids every week, for at least five years, and were still going strong when I left.

There’s also a tambourine from Wilko: I really love their wooden toys, and they are nice and affordable – which makes for a pleasant change from some other brands…


Finally we come to the last shelf. My original post about reducing our toys forced me to admit that I am storing a whole Kallax cube of soft toys that I never actually get out!

So: I have put out a couple to see if they actually get any attention! There are plenty of developmental benefits to soft toys, so with any luck they will get stuck-in.

Do you rotate toys? What are your child’s favourites? Let us know!

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